Healing For The Soul

Art serves an important purpose. Sometimes to make us think, sometimes to reflect back to us, ideas of ourselves or of our human condition. I like to think that the purpose of my art is to provide a relief from some of the pain in the world. To provide understanding and compassion that life can be hard but there is always beauty to be found somewhere.

I don’t think my art has ever been just a pretty picture, which may be what it appears on the surface, but rather I have painted with a connection to a deeper emotion with intention to heal or encourage.

Some of my paintings have symbolic meaning which is hinted at in the title. Others are just to remind us that there is still beauty in the world, despite the pain or ugliness.

Each flower, animal or wave contains the miracle of nature which exists carrying the essence of a life force which we are all a part of. Often to be close to nature is to find healing for the soul. When beauty is recognised and the life force within it is received, we find peace and love.

“Soar” Acrylic on canvas

“Soar” Acrylic on canvas

Reflections on Painting

I feel strongly aware that one of the purposes in my life is to paint pictures. It's something within me that draws and compels me that I don't really understand, but it seems to be a force bigger than me.

I watched a documentary a few years ago called The Sunnyboy about Australian musician Jeremy Oxley. He said regarding his song writing, "There was this big empty space where songs were supposed to be put..."  I related to that statement immediately because I have often had an awareness of paintings waiting for me to create. Once I imagined hundreds of framed paintings hanging suspended in a large expanse of sky, the artwork had eternal significance. Great music and great art, lives well beyond the life of the artist.

We are all so unique in our creative expressions, whatever they may be. I usually have an emotional connection and strong inspiration to paint a subject, and hopefully that creates a response in the viewer. I don't often paint obvious symbolism although most of my paintings do have symbolic or significant meaning for me, I prefer to let the viewer gain their own personal experience and reaction. If they pick up the subtlety of the emotion, without knowing my story behind the piece that’s enough. Art speaks to us all in different ways.

In my daily life I am surprised by unexpected beauty, whether that be in shifting clouds or a tiny bird singing. By allowing those beautiful moments into my heart it provides a sense of wellbeing and gratitude just for being alive. Even though life can be chaotic and tough at times there is always beauty to be found and an opportunity to absorb it.  I want to help others see the beauty and colours that I see in nature and hope that my artwork brings a positive experience.

“Magenta Rose”  watercolour on paper

“Magenta Rose”

watercolour on paper